Toad for Eclipse Plugin

You might not be aware, but there is a Toad plugin for Eclipse.  Yes Toad, (kokak) the world’s  favorite Tool for Oracle Application Developers.  This plugin is created by Quest Software themselves and is available as a FREE download from the Eclipse Market Place and from Quest Software

The Toad Extension for Eclipse plugin allows you to connect to your Oracle or PostgreSQL database from within Eclipse.  All you need to do is to switch into the Toad Extension perspective.  From the Toad Extension perspective you can easily browse data, develop complex PL/SQL and even edit data without the need of opening a separate IDE like Oracle SQL Developer.


Connections View   Displays configured database connections  
Schema Browser   Browses through schema objects  
Object Describe   Views detailed information about an object  
SQL Worksheet   Edits and executes SQL statements  
Projects and Toad Extension for Eclipse Nature   Adds additional functionality to new or existing projects  
Syntax Check   Verifies SQL code on-the-fly  
Deployment   Allows to deploy objects to database using default connection or selected connection  
Object status   Shows status of object in default database  
Export to HTML/XML/CSV   Outputs data to selected format  
SQL Recall   Views a history of your executed SQL statements  
SQL Monitor   Monitors all SQL coming from Toad Extensions  
DBMS Output View*   Views DBMS_OUTPUT results  
Stored Procedure Editor   Edits Stored Procedures, Views and Triggers  
Search dialog   Searches through database source code  
PL/Doc View*   Views column information comments  
Outline View   Views the logical structure of a database object  
Sessions View*   Monitors or kills sessions in the database  
Parameters View* Displays an overview of the database and session parameters

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